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Cosco to expand semi-automated Abu Dhab terminal to 3.6 million TEU [2019-7-19]
US relents, exempts some medical, electronic devices from China tariffs [2019-7-19]
Customs office to be developed as customs museum reflecting spirit of Goa [2019-7-19]
President Trump hits China for reneging on agricultural purchases [2019-7-19]
Asia-Europe rate off 1.9pc to US$688/TEU, USWC dips 4.1pc to $1,649/FEU [2019-7-11]
More automated container terminals over next 10 years: Moody's [2019-7-11]
US Senator Marco Rubio proposes bill to counter Made in China 2025 [2019-7-11]
Chinese foreign minister seeks Belt and Road friends in Eastern European [2019-7-11]
Asia-Europe rate off 2.1pc to US$701/TEU, USWC soars 24.5pc to $1,720/FEU [2019-7-4]
Turkey-China cherry exports to surge with scrapping of 16-day waiting period [2019-7-4]

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